Want to Bring in An Automatic Flow of Clients Fast Using Facebook Ads?
Let's Turn on Your Client Flow!
Are You Sick And Tired of
Running Out of Clients? 
On this page is the key that will unlock unlimited leads, clients, and sales… even if you've never run profitable ads before!
You are wicked smart, motivated and talented.  
You do amazing work that can transform lives.

Lack of leads shouldn't be the thing that holds you back from the life-changing, lucrative business and lifestyle you deserve... not when it's so easy to get your work in front of tens of thousands of your ideal clients!
Hello there! I'm Tammy Lane, founder of Facebook Faucet and The Profit Sweetspot...

I want to show you how to bring in more clients quickly using Facebook ads.  (Just like hundreds of our clients have done!)

This is a bold claim I know! 

Allow me to share a few facts that back up my ability to make that statement...
I’ve spoken on stage with some of the most successful online marketers... 
(Lisa Sasevich, co-founder of Digital Marketer Perry Belcher, Ted McGrath, Marianne Williamson, Christian Mickelsen, and Justin Livingston, just to mention a few.) 
All because we've helped thousands of clients
attract clients faster.
Thousands of students in our Facebook Faucet training are now using Facebook ads to bring in leads, clients, and sales.

Facebook Faucet is the only training of it's kind and our clients are killing it with their results!
Facebook itself has reached out to our clients to find out how they’re getting in the top 1% of all ad results!

(The secret of how they do that is coming on this page.)
Plus, I've Generated Millions of Dollars of Sales Online With the Help of Facebook Ads.
The truth is, successfully using Facebook ads to bring in clients doesn't have to be complicated or expensive!
But most people go about it all wrong and end up
spending a lot of money with not a lot to show for it
Are any of these mistakes costing you clients?
⚠️ You keep running out of clients because you don't have a consistent system that works to deliver you clients day in and day out.

⚠️ You have no list (or a tiny list) because you're not getting in front of enough of your ideal clients. 

⚠️ You're losing money on your Facebook ads because you're essentially playing the lottery and guessing at what will work. 

⚠️ You are attracting clients slower than molasses because the social media posts you're doing aren't getting any traction.  (Or you just can't stomach the thought of spending hours creating content no one will see!)
Make even one of these mistakes and nothing else you do will matter... 

  • The hard work you've put into doing awesome work with clients won't matter...
  • How smart and talented you are won't matter...
  •  The unique and important message you have to share won't matter...
Because you'll be attracting too few clients to make you any impact or income.
Introducing: Facebook Faucet
I created the Facebook Faucet to help my 5-figure mentoring clients attract more clients the fastest way possible.  My clients have:
1. Got their ads in front of tens of thousands of ideal clients!

2. Gone from barely bringing in a client to growing their lists by THOUSANDS of perfect, ideal clients within weeks.
3. Brought in Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars of ACTUAL-PAYING-CLIENTS.... even if they'd never sold a thing before!
Now I'm ready to give you access to this very same training at a ridiculously low price...
The Facebook Faucet program will help you create a Facebook Ad system that will attract more of YOUR ideal paying clients... FAST. 
*   Clients will be raising their hands to work with you so you never have to "sell" again.  
*   You'll never have to track down clients one at a time again. 
*   Get on the path to scaling your income to the level you want.
And right now, you can try it with no risk.
Backed by our 100% Moneyback Goldilocks Guarantee
Sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it!
But here's why Facebook Faucet works...
For starters, it's an intimate event, giving me the chance to work with attendees personally.  We're all going to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  I mean that.  This is NOT a lecture.  Yes, I'll be training but we're also going to work together.  


Because I want you to walk away from the event knowing exactly how to get your ads in front of the right people.  With your ad copy written and the mindset to scale your business to the level you want.


Everything You Need To Make Bringing in Clients With Facebook Ads Easy!
This is a time-limited special offer, and once you miss it, 
this price will never be available again. 
So, my question to you is…

Do you have enough CLIENTS? 
(And are they showing up automatically without you having to create a single social media post, go to a networking meeting or spend hours writing another article that no one sees.) 

If not, what are you waiting for!

Here's what we'll cover...
1.  The Only 7 (Free) Facebook Ad Tools You Need to Bring in Clients All Day Long
  • The #1 mistake even our high-profile clients make with their freebies. (Avoid this trap at all costs!) It reduces the number of paying clients by as much as 12x!
  • ​Why you should never ask ANYONE (even if they’re successful online) what the best free opt-in gift for you is! What to do instead to make sure you attract buyers.
  • ​​The truth about the quality of your list if they’re not buying – and how to instantly attract better qualified leads.
  • ​​​​How to create an Irresistible Freebie your clients can’t ignore.  And do it in as little as three hours so you can start bringing in clients right away.
  • ​​​​4 blunders that will repel actual paying clients and prevent them from giving you their email addresses.  And what to do instead.
2.  How to Create Record-Breaking Ads
  • ​​What to do if your current free gift is not getting as many opt-ins as you’d like.
  • ​​​3 ways to choose a freebie topic so your dream clients will be eager to opt-in... without doing any research.
  • ​​​​The type of Irresistible Freebie that will automatically get more leads than any other.
  • ​How to change the way you describe your current freebie to attract up to 12x as many clients.
  • ​​​If your opt-in rate is lower than 60%, this simple change can increase your opt-in rate by 10 to 50%! ​​
3.  Attract Up to 12x More Clients 
  • ​​​​​How to make your Irresistible Freebie “Facebook compliant” so you don’t end up getting your Facebook account terminated.
  • ​The single most important element of your free gift to get opt-ins from Facebook. (Get this wrong and you’ll hear crickets on Facebook).
  • ​​How to name your freebie to attract the most leads on Facebook
4.  Reduce Your Ad Costs by 82% With Our Three-Tiered Targeting System
  • ​​​​​​​The content outline for an Irresistible Freebie that perfectly positions your paid programs, products and services.  This positioning is critical so your clients are conditioned to buy from you.
  • ​​​​How to transform your boring Freebie into a stunning Irresistible Freebie that will perfectly position you as a top-level player.
  • ​​How to use content you’ve already created to craft a freebie that has actual paying clients beating down your door with requests.
5.  How Our Clients Are Turning Thier New Audience Into Actual Paying Clients
  • ​​​​​​​How to move your new audience into a purchase decision quickly.
  • ​How to ensure your new audience sees you as the ONLY solution in the marketplace.
  • ​Advanced Freebie strategies that can skyrocket your business into the big leagues.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose with our Goldilocks Money-Back Guarantee.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you get...
  • ​Lifetime access to the Facebook Faucet online training so you can repeatedly create high-converting Facebook ads. (Although I broke through $1 million in sales with just one ad funnel!) $1997 Value
  • 3 live training calls with Tammy where she will help you plan your high-converting Facebook advertising campaign. $997 Value
  • ​One ticket to the Facebook Faucet Live event so you know exactly what to include in your free gift that will perfectly position you as the sought-after-expert they can’t live without. $97 Value
  • Downloadable access to the content templates, cheat sheets and training slides to make creating your Facebook ads quick and easy. $597 Value
That's almost $800 worth of training... for just $297!
You'd be crazy not to ;)
Backed by our 100% Moneyback Goldilocks Guarantee
And Just Because We Can...
When you order today, you'll also receive:
Bonus #1
Facebook Ads QuickStart Training
Three online group sessions with Tammy personally so we can fast-track your results!
Bonus #2 
The Simple Online Funnel I Used to Breakthrough $3 Million in Sales
Discover the exact step-by-step funnel that will deliver the maximum number of clients to your inbox or fill your calendar with potential client calls.  During this one hour training I'll show you the simplest way to get started setting up this funnel using the same system I used to build a $3 million per year business.
Bonus #3
Private One-on-One Session With Your Profit Acceleration Coach
During this private one-on-one coaching session, we will create a customized plan to bring in as many clients as you'd like using Facebook ads.

FOR JUST $297!

So, what happens after I order?
1.  Click the button below, type in your name, address and billing information (making sure the information is correct) and click on the “submit” button.  

2.  We’ll send out immediate access by email to the Facebook Faucet membership portal through our automated system.

3.  On the order confirmation page, you'll get instructions to immediately book your bonus one-on-one coaching call with one of our high-level Profit Acceleration coaches.
I am so proud of you for making this decision to finally start getting the traction you want online, growing your list, and bringing in the clients you want. I’m excited about the difference attracting more clients faster is going to make in your business. 

I can’t wait to hear your success story, and I do hope you’ll share it with me!
Is there a guarantee?
🔓 YES!!! 

Facebook Faucet comes with a 
100% money-back, no questions asked, 
Goldilocks "It's a Perfect Fit" Money Back Guarantee. 
If after the first week, you feel the event is not perfect for you, we don’t deserve your money!
Simply let one of our team members know and we'll refund you on the spot! 
What’s next?
Anyone can create Facebook ads that will get your incredible work in front of thousands of your ideal clients. 

I’ve shown you the proof that it works for me, for others, and it will work for you too. You know that with the no way to lose, money-back guarantee, you are protected and safe.
Here’s what you and I both know... one year from today will certainly arrive. 
The question is where will your business be? 
That is your decision to make right now.
On the Facebook Faucet training I will show you step by step:
✅ How to maximize the number of paying clients you attract with your ads;

✅ How to get record-breaking ad results;

✅ How to easily write ads that attract your perfect clients like crazy

✅ Craft a freebie that creates raving fans; and

✅ What MUST go in your free gift to move your new audience into working with you SOON.

Click the button and let's get started bringing in thousands of your perfect, ideal clients today!
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
 “How does this compare to other Facebook ad trainings?”
Ask our high-profile million dollar+ clients about this one! Most of them have been online (profitable) for 10+ years, have done a TON of trainings and had one-on-one coaching from the biggest names online. 

In EVERY instance we’ve helped them with their ads, they have at least DOUBLED their results and in some cases 10x their results. 

We simply have the BEST facebook ad training out there if you’re looking to bring in the maximum number of paying clients.

“I haven’t heard of you before. How can I trust that your training can help me?”
We’ve worked behind the scenes with some of your favorite entrepreneurs. Our team is responsible for some huge wins online. 

PLUS, with our 100% money-back guarantee, the risk is all ours! If you don’t LOVE the training and think it will help you bring in more clients, simply reply to our email and we’ll refund you no questions asked.

 “How do I know if this is right for me?”
I can help you figure this out by asking you two questions:
1. Do you currently have a free opt-in gift?   
If the answer is no, this training is for you if you want to bring in more clients faster. If the answer is yes…

2. Is your free opt-in gift “irresistible” to clients who will want to actually pay you money?   
A couple of things can help you determine this…

Your “gut feel” or intuition – When you think about how “hot” your current freebie is to your perfect clients do you feel a sinking feeling, panic or feel reluctant to share your free gift because you feel it’s not good enough? If so, Irresistible Freebie Formula is for you.

Your conversion rates – If you’ve gotten your free gift in front of potential clients, is your conversion rate lower than 60% (ie, 6 out of 10 people who’ve seen it, are eager to give their name and email address to get access)?

If not, Irresistible Freebie Formula can most certainly help you increase your conversion rate.

If your conversion rate is higher than 60%, congratulations, you’re in the top 10% of all online conversions, the Irresistible Freebie Formula MAY be able to improve your conversions by several percent (our clients have up to 92% opt-in rates) but I can’t guarantee that. If you don’t learn anything new though, we’ve got you covered with our no-questions-asked Goldilocks 100% money-back guarantee, so the risk is all mine.

Are you’re attracting paying clients? 
Is your current freebie attracting ACTUAL PAYING CLIENTS? If not, Irresistible Freebie Formula will help you reposition your current free gift so that it is perfectly aligned to attract paying clients instead of freebie seekers who will never want to work with you.

“There are a ton of lead magnet/free gift trainings (some I’ve even done before) – why should I invest in this one?”
Great question! I want to be a bit sassy here with a “we’re the best” comment but we just met and you might take it the wrong way 😉 

Seriously… most other lead magnet trainings are created by someone (as good as they are) who never sees the ACTUAL results of their lead magnets.  They don't mean to mislead you but they don't know the conversion rates and actual SALES out of the freebies created with their trainings!

We see concrete STATISTICS for thousands of our students (from their Facebook ad data as reported independently by Facebook!).  This data shows exactly how many opt-ins and sales the free gifts are attracting.  Those who’ve used the Irresistible Freebie Formula do 10 TIMES better than average!

“How long will the training take to complete?”
Irresistible Freebie Formula is 1 hour of video training plus the cheat sheets, checklists and worksheets, you could technically listen to the training and complete your Irresistible Freebie in less than a day (although this is not recommended). 

To fully understand and apply the materials, you should allow 2 – 5 days to ensure you create the highest converting free gift that will perfectly resonate with your dream clients. 

Our mentoring clients who’ve invested 5-figures to get access to this training have found the training “eye-opening” and worth every penny. 

Is it worth it, to you, to invest this time to start bringing in more of the right clients online automatically? 
Backed by our 100% Moneyback Goldilocks "It's a Perfect Fit" Guarantee
If you're the type to skip to the end because you have a million important things going on and want to get to the point (like me!) here's the deal...
Facebook Faucet can help you attract MORE BUYERS online... period. 
Bold claim I know!  And also 100% true because... 

We created our Facebook Faucet system after seeing the actual results of THOUSANDS of ad campaigns(We see the cold hard truth of the statistics in our clients' Facebook ad accounts. Not wishful thinking opinions on how "good" their ads are.)  

You'll be amazed at the simple secrets we've learned that can multiply your sales!  In Facebook Faucet, I give away every one of those secrets.  The result is skyrocketing growing your audience by THOUSANDS in days.  

Every time we've used this formula we have catapulted our clients' results. (Even for our 7-figure+ clients who've been bringing in clients online for YEARS!)

$297... Only available on this page... it's a no brainer!  
Click the button above for instant access.
The Irresistible Freebie Formula is on it's way to your inbox! While you wait check out this ONE TIME OFFER... my Facebook Faucet Online training 70% OFF
Start waking up to new high-paying clients each and every day!
Facebook Faucet includes everything you need to automatically grow your audience each and every day! 
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